COJO PANEL FROM IJF 2016, Perugia Italy.


Traditional news has tended towards highlighting the negative: what has gone wrong and the problems it causes. But is it possible to have tough, critical journalism that also looks for solutions and positive angles on a story? Constructive journalism tries to create positive narrratives and a more healthy debate.

Panelists: Cathrine Gyldensted, Director Constructive Journalism, Windesheim

Karel Smouter, Deputy Editor, De Correspondent,

Craig Silverman, BuzzFeed Canada

Moderator: Charlie Beckett, LSEPolis

Panel Discussion on latest Constructive Journalism Research. From The Constructive Journalism Conference, December 2016, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences NL


Liesbeth Hermans, Professor Constructive Journalism, Windesheim

David Bornstein, Solutions Journalism Network, USA

Karen McIntyre, PhD, Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Maarten Corten. BE

Moderator: Nico Drok, Professor Windesheim University, NL, President EJTA


TEDXMunster - Maren Urner, Editor in Chief, Perspective Daily, DE

Our lives are run by our habits: they make it easier, but they also restrict us in creating a better future. Bad habits are hard to break, especially if the news shows us that the world is a miserable and catastrophic place. By focusing on problems we are left stressed and hopeless.


French Interview w. Gilles Vanderpooten, Director, Reporters d´Espoirs, leaders of constructive journalism in France

Masse Critique - Les Consultations de Maxime Verner Gilles Vanderpooten, directeur de la rédaction de Reporters d'Espoirs Réalisation et montage : Alexandre Blomme Musique : Guillaume Bérat Retrouvez Reporters d'Espoirs sur Participez au programme sur Facebook : Twitter :


34th CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference, 19 - 20 May 2016, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Felice Gasperoni, RTBF "Alors, on change!" is a monthly magazine coproduced by the Belgian, French-speaking broadcaster RTBF in collaboration with 7 local television stations. The purpose is to provide its viewers with positive examples of behavioural changes.


Interview w. Sean D. Wood, Co founder, Constructive Journalism Project, UK


Ulrik Haagerup, CEO, Constructive Institute:

"I think the idea of Constructive News is a way to make journalism more meaningful again. To make people trust us more. And that's the biggest threat right now. People don't trust us because they think we are too biased, they think we exaggerate things, that we tend to focus on their troubles, that we only do stories to generate clicks...


Founder of the Constructive Institute, Ulrik Haagerup, explaining the need for constructive journalism at the 2016 NewsXchange conference


Cathrine Gyldensted, Director of Constructive Journalism at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, was speaking at the annual journalism seminar at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Video: Tiia Antti-Roiko, Anna Salonen and Ilse Kerminen


TEDXDresden, 2016: Is there an alternative to the day-to-day bombardment with bad news? In this truly inspiring and personal talk, Journalist Cathrine Gyldensted challenges the negatively biased paradigms of mainstream journalism and sets a remarkable counterpoint by introducing the powerful concept of "Constructive Journalism".