As a member of the network, we adhere to the following:

  • We expect all network members to work together in a respectful and open manner.

  • Teamwork is encouraged and successes, as well as failures, should be shared. 

  • Please make sure that claims you make on work you do can be documented and validated.

  • We should all aim to give credit to other people’s ideas, and recognize the contributions of others. Lack of respect, and failing to credit others’ work is not acceptable.

  • This network is solely for journalism professionals and researchers and not for NGO´s or communication professionals.

  • In this way, we will maintain a culture of trust, open sharing and respect for people, newsrooms and researchers - a trust which is necessary to make the network dynamic, collaborative, based on trust and co-creation.

The CoJo Network itself is hosted within the Slack digital workspace. There you will find discussion forums on topics like "News", "Research", "Training" and "General". 

Currently, 123 professional reporters, editors, news management, educators, and researchers have joined.

This webpage serve as the public window on all things constructive journalism. It is your go-to website for updates, debate, overview, and resources from the professionals, who are active within constructive journalistic methods.

If you would like to join the network itself, go here. 

Welcome to your community!

Karel Smouter, Windesheim University, NL

Karen McIntyre, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Cathrine Gyldensted, Open Eyes, NL & DK

Co-founders, Constructive Journalism Network. Fall 2017