Several professional institutions offer Constructive Journalistic Training.

Their shared aim is to teach the highest standards of knowledge, ethics, and tools pertaining to constructive journalism. They seek to create rigorous standards for constructive journalism, so that the field always represents the very best levels of current knowledge.



Fojo Media Institute, Kalmar, Sweden (One week courses)


Open Eyes Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Masterclasses, Workshops)


Windesheim University, Zwolle, Netherlands (Masterclasses, Workshops, Int. Minor)

We offer an English Minor, Constructive Journalism


Constructive Institute, Aarhus, Denmark - (Fellowships, Masterclasses, Workshops)


VersPers, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Masterclasses, Workshops)


Constructive Journalism Project, London, UK (Masterclasses, Workshops)


Please note, that the entities mentioned do differ in how they teach constructive journalism. This community is a reflection of different journalistic cultures throughout Europe and Scandinavia, so there will be differences in which research and practice, they draw from and what content their teaching materials and methods present. However, all mentioned meet the standards, agreed upon within Constructive Journalism Network.