Our Fifth Cojo Newsletter is out: "Leaving the CoJo Cult Behind"

Dear friends in the worldwide CoJo Community,

This week I - CoJo teacher and practitioner Karel Smouter, writer-in-charge for this issue of the newsletter - got approached by a student:
‘Hey, I know you. You are part of the CoJo Cult!’

He was only half joking. As it turns out, many students and fellow journalists look at our work promoting future-, solutions- and perspective-oriented journalism with suspicion.

Let me be clear: this student shows an attitude I welcome and encourage. Skepticism is a journalistic virtue and I expect students to look critically at what the generations before them hold to be true about what will soon be their profession too.

But this student’s remark does not stand on its own.

First of all: the attempts of many of you to promote Constructive Journalism in the past 7 to 8 years have been hugely successful.

CoJo travelled from the margins to the centre of the conversation on the future of journalism by shifting the focus from chasing one technological innovation to another to the conversations that really matter. Like what are journalists for?

CoJo has been embraced and explored by classrooms and newsrooms around the globe, as the CoJo 
map clearly shows. 

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