This webpage is the PUBLIC window 

This webpage serve as the public window on all things constructive journalism. It's aimed both for the profession and for public service.                              It is the go-to website for updates, debate, overview, and resources from the network and professionals, who are active within constructive journalistic methods.

Constructive Journalism Network was founded in 2017 with a tri-part mission:

  1. To facilitate collaboration among journalism professionals, researchers, teachers, students, and practitioners of constructive journalism around the world and across newsrooms and education.

  2. To share the findings and best practices of constructive journalism with the broadest possible audience.

  3. To promote the science of constructive journalism and its research-based applications.

Constructive Journalism Network hopes to support the global dialogue of both researchers and practitioners working in the field of constructive journalism.

We want to create rigorous standards for constructive journalism, so that the field always represents the very best levels of current knowledge. If you share in this mission and vision, we hope you will consider joining.